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As part of the Anti-Bioterrorism Act of 2002, the FDA Unified Registration and Listing System (FURLS) was implemented, with all Food Facilities around the world, that ship processed food or raw food product materials into the United States, being required to register their company by 12 December 2003.

This registration required that each foreign (Non-U.S.) food supplier nominate a U.S. Agent to be included in their Registration Form.

For many European grain exporters that have shipped their cargoes to the United States for many years without the need for a U.S. based agent, the choice of a trusted U.S. Company to act as their agent, was an important part of the registration process.

One of the largest Grain and Feed Inspection firms in Finland is Sea Load Control Ltd., and ever since 1995, Sea Load Control has had a cooperative association with an American Marine Consulting firm, A3Pi Services, Inc. Because of the existing long term trust and cooperation between the Finnish Inspection company and the American Consulting Company, it was easy for Sea Load Control to recommend A3Pi Services to their Finnish grain facility clients, as a reliable U.S. Agent to comply with the U.S. FDA Registration requirement.

Sea Load Control Group (SLC) has its headquarters at the Port of Kalajoki, Finland, with branch offices in Loviisa and Turku. SLC also has a subsidiary located at the Port of Tallinn, Estonia.

A3Pi Services, Inc. (A3Pi) is based in the Chicago, Illinois area, however, their work is on all coasts of the United States, and they travel regularly to the Caribbean, South America, South Pacific and Asia, with several jobs per year in Europe.

Both companies have a long-standing, respected presence in various Marine Services related fields throughout the world (see www.seaload.net and www.A3pi.com for details).

SLC president, Capt. Esa Anttio, and A3Pi president and Naval Architect, Mr. Robert (Bob) Ojala, are happy to have another opportunity to use their trust, friendship, and long term business relationship to serve the Finnish grain exporters in these agency contracts.

Bob Ojala, the American agent, is a 2nd generation American Finn, who has made several trips to Finland on business, and with Capt. Anttio’s help, has traced his Finnish “roots” back to the late 1600’s in Isokyro and Pudasjarvi, the ancestral homes of his grandparents.

The understanding of Finnish culture by Mr. Ojala, which has developed due the long friendship between the two company presidents, has made business dealings much easier, such as these current agency agreements. In fact, Mr. Ojala has become a great admirer of the “Finnish Sauna business meetings,” where several hours of sauna, “trapped” on a beautiful island in the Archipelago at Loviisa, Finland, have brought about a great respect for the Finish culture, as well as a trusted friendship with Capt. Esa Anttio. After one of these “business sauna” meetings in 2001, the two men announced their business cooperative agreement, and this latest agency agreement is another result of that 2001 announcement.

Sea Load Control and A3Pi Services hope to continue these cooperative efforts and have offered similar services to other Baltic based businesses.

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