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Curriculum Vitae


Captain Esa A. Anttio

Born June 10, 1962 Marttila, Finland
Citizen of Finland


Naval Trade School Examination, Helsinki Finland 1979

Medical Petty Officer, 1980 - 1981
P.O. Training College, Finnish Navy

Coastal Trade Examinations: Boatmaster-Skipper AB /

Engineer- Machinist A, Steam Engine Machinist A. 1982 Naval Trade School of Turku (Finnish), Finland

Deck Officer, 1982-1984
Maritime Institute of Turku (Swedish), Finland

Master Mariner long course, 1985-1986
Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science
University College of Sundsvall/Härnösand, Sweden

Post-graduate Courses and Examination in Shipping. Economics and Legal Science, 1986-1987 University College of Sundsvall/Härnösand, Sweden
Academy of Turku (Swedish), Finland

Additional courses:

Automatic Radar Plotting Aid-ARPA-course 1984
Data Processing and Computer Science courses 1983-1984
Practical Fire Fighting 1983
Safety and Survival at Sea, Course 1983, Diploma Work 1986
Radiotelephone Operator Advanced Course 1986
Russian language for businessmen 1996


Fluent: Finnish (native), Swedish, English

Satisfactory: German, Russian, Estonian Basics: French, Spanish

Community Activities / Confidental Posts

Vice Principal, St. Martin's Free Ev. Lutheran Congregation


Cargo Surveying, Inspection, Cargo Handling Consultant, Shipping and Sea Transportation, Port Operations

Accreditations / Memberships

1994 onwards : Sworn Surveyor, HTT
Authorized by Chamber of Commerce of Turku, Finland
Authorized Field of activities: 1. Vessels, 2. Grains, Seeds and Feed products 3. Cargo and Transportation Damages.

Previous Experience

Oy Finncarriers Ab, Helsinki, Finland
Practice in ship service at various positions on lolo and containerships. Deck and Engine Department. Mediterranean and Red Sea Line

1983 --> onwards
As a secondary occupation
Entrepreneur in Private Consortium with field of activities in agriculture, sawmill, building and transportation.

Deck Officer, Ahti Perheenmies Ky, Kotka/Helsinki, Finland.
Team member of Portal Group Ltd, having as its main project: Planning and building up the new grain harbour in Tallinn/Muuga, Estonia and Salvage and Towage activity in the same territory.

As a secondary occupation,
Cargo Mate and Cargo Handling Consultant / Supercargo at various General Cargo-, Paper-, Timber Carrier, Reefer and Container vessels, and Superintendent of Project Shipments.
Scandinavia - Mediterranean line
Vessels managed or chartered by Hastshipping Ltd, Sweden
Scanchartering Ltd, Malta, and Sea Load Shipping Ltd, Finland and owned by Estonian Shipping Company Ltd, Estonia, Baltic Shipping Company, Russia, Black Sea Shipping Company, Ukraine, VEB Deutfracht / Seereederei Rostock, Germany, Reederei H.G. Vöge, Germany and several other European Shipping Companies.

Oy Loadmasters Ltd, Helsinki, Finland
Captain - Surveyor

Cargo Surveys and Inspections:
paper products, grain, various dangerous goods; liquids, oils, acids, technical inspections, equipment control etc.

Container Surveys, Draft Surveys, Stowage Advisory,

Loss Evaluation, Vessel and Cargo Damage Inspection

Present Main occupation

1988 --> onwards
Oy Sea Load Control Ltd, Finland - Baltic States and Russia
Managing Director - Captain - Chief Marine Surveyor

Present Secondary occupation

1991 --> onwards
Part - time job, Oy/Ab St. Mårtens Engineering Finland Ltd,
Technical Consultant / Superintendent / Director of finance


Agency / Water Clerk, Oy Tramp Agencies Ltd

Additional courses:
ISO-9000 Quality Manager Examination 1998

Main Occupation from 2006:
Port Director, Port of Kalajoki, Finland

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